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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

At Andy Harland Motor Services Ltd we have trained ATA technicians who specialise in air conditioning repairs. We have top of the range Texa and Bosch air conditioning equipment to re-gas and repair car air conditioning systems.

The benefits of having air conditioning are that it provides cool air in the summer to keep a pleasant temperature inside the car and in the winter it provides warm humidified air, which helps to demist steamed up windows.

Air conditioning systems also filter pollutants and airborne particles which keeps the air in your car clean and can be of great benefit to people who have asthma or suffer from allergies.

It is recommended that you get your air conditioning serviced every two years to ensure that the gas supply (refrigerant) is full and that the filters are not saturated and are still functioning. Also, when the air conditioning is not in use, the seals can dry up and without being checked this could potentially cost you more to repair in the future.

Call us today to book your car in for a professional air conditioning service, to be carried out by our qualified ATA technicians.